The Walking Dead Compendium 2 Review

This is the second in the collection of The Walking Dead series of comic books.


Yes, comic books are a bit of cheating in the reading realm but I figure I get a pass since this is a bit more than even a graphic novel but a graphic bible.  It’s thickness is only rivaled by Stephen King novels.


We are once again welcomed into the land of the dead where a group of survivors try all they can do to adapt to their new reality.  They have gone from the prison and found danger not only from the dead but from other survivors.  They also find that a devil is awakening in them.  They have lost their innocence and it seems that it will not return even when they find another city, a friendly city, one that has been able to insulate itself.


If you are looking for a crystal ball into the television series, see a psychic because this will not help you.  The television series broke from the comic in the first episode.  There are some hints but it will be different.


I would strongly suggesting reading the comics, especially if you’re like me and want something more to tide you over between shows and between seasons.