A Dark Matter - Peter Straub

I keep thinking I'd like Straub. I've tried to read one other of his books but just didn't get into that one. I'm going to try again but A Dark Matter was not that good.


A Dark Matter is narrated by Lee Harwell who is an author and was pushed to write a nonfiction story, so he decides on a series of murders that took place near his home in Wisconsin. In course of that he really wants to study what happened to a young college kid who was killed during a ceremony which involved his group of friends and his wife (who were all in high school at the time). They all fell for a traveling "guru" who promised thins something momentous. Lee was told what had happened that nighty by anyone in his group because he chose not follow along with the "guru."

What happens in the rest of the book is a series of stories from each of his friends as to what happened that night. None of the stories honestly make sense and it seemed to me that Straub was trying to come up with something was as crazy as he can make it. To me it just seemed too extreme; like he was trying too hard. It left me wondering what has happening most of the time.


On top of of all that, I found that the characters were a bit too unemotional. Two demential.


I suppose if you are already a fan of Straub, you'll like the book. I would recommend this book to Lovecraft readers if they are looking for a more modern writer.