Taking Away Dashboard

I applaud the BookLikes team for taking what I called earlier “vinyl inside of cold hard steal telling me how fast I’m traveling down the highway” and renaming it something more fitting of an ode to books.


Criticism without a suggestion for a possible for correction is mean.  So here are a couple of thoughts for a new name:


-  The Stacks (or just Stacks): As in library stacks of books.  It suggests being able to find what you’re in the mood for just by walking (scrolling) around.

-  The Reference Desk:  When you’re in a library, if you want to know what book you should look for, if you want to know where to look for a book, if you want to know what time it is in Tanzania, then there is a friendly reference librarian there to guide you, just like your peers on BookLikes can do with their reviews or their blogs.

-  Book Return:  This is a far-fetched one but I figure a lot of people would be using the “dashboard” as a review area.  Book Returns means they are done or gave up or are partially done and will come back for more and are willing to talk about the book in which they read.


(At this point I should have full disclosure, my wife is a librarian, hence why I think of libraries when I think solely of books.)


-  Book Club:  What do you do at a book club?  Talk about books.  Review books.  You’re around book lovers I assume and are discussing the world of books.  I’ll still suggest it, even if book clubs don’t seem that manly.

-  E-Reader:  Its electronic, we are reading it, and we are in a sense, all e-readers.


Any-which-way, I am excited to see what others suggest and what the BL team finally picks up and runs with!


Side note: I love what you've done with the "Reviews" filter.