Books of Blood, Vols. 1-3 - Clive Barker

I enjoyed Books of Blood 1 when I was a teenager but now not so much. The only reason that I have it the three stars is because of "The Yattering and Jack", which is still one of my favorites. I guess my tastes have started to change when I can no longer enjoy Clive Barker like I used to or maybe, just maybe he really is just a sick bastard.

I've also begun to wonder why it is they would label this book as horror. It isn't scary as much as it is sick. I enjoy horror and it is my favorite genre but there just isn't a point to some of the filth that is in this book. If he had taken out half of the talk about boners and replaced it with elaboration of the scene or better description of dread, then they would have been half descent and along the lines of H. P. Lovecraft.