The Andromeda Strain / The Terminal Man - Michael Crichton

Michael Crichton, who I believe will go down as a modern classic author with several works that span all genres and provoke the imagination, has not really impressed me with these two books in one.


Mr. Crichton was a doctor turned author producing several books that have been turned into movies.  His writing can be used to actually learn from, though many authors will proclaim this, Crichton can actually attest to this.  His writing will cause you to Google, look in a dictionary, ask your friends, parents and professors, just to figure out some of the concepts that he’s talking about (so, I’m exaggerating a bit – lets face it, if that were the case you wouldn’t read his work but its still insightful).


The Andromeda Strain/The Terminal Man bored me.  I think it is because these were his first couple of novels.  He went a bit far in the explaining the science there were times I thought I was in a medical class (again a bit of an exaggeration).  This was in both novels.


The Andromeda Strain is a story about a town who had a satellite crash land near them.  It’s payload, dust from the furthest reaches of space (sound somewhat familiar to anyone?).  What it brings back with it is a microbe that is deadly, that would have never made it through Earth’s atmosphere if it weren’t for us.  Why though are there survivors?  What is our response?


The Terminal Man plays a bit on psychology and a bit on the medical field.  Truly this is a psychiatrist’s novel.  What happens when you try and control the blackouts of a man who’s prone to commit horrendous murders while blacked out?


If either of these concepts interest you, if you’re a detailed person, you’ll enjoy these books. 


After reading these novels of Mr. Crichton, I still come to two positive conclusions.  First is that he wrote his books to explore this theories through a thought experiment.  Second is that it would have been fun to have known the man in person.  Could you imagine the breadth of your conversations?