A Late Night Mishap: A fun little e-reader story

This something that my wife and I have went back and forth on constantly.  What we think of e-readers.


We didn’t want to go with the Kindle.  Kindle, at least at that time and as far as I still know, doesn’t have a way loan books from libraries.  Seems they opted out of that ability, where as both Sony and Barnes and Noble e-readers (Reader and Nook, respectively), do. 


When I first heard about e-readers I was excited.  No more taking a duffle bag full of books on deployment.  Now I could carry all of my books in my cargo pocket.  I knew then that I needed one (I don’t like to splurge too often and like to think of myself as frugal).  So I did what all responsible consumers do before, what I considered, an expensive purchase; I did some research on the best product out there.  My criteria was 1) it had to fit in my cargo pocket, 2) I had to be able to place other readable files, such as .pdf, on there and be able to read it, and, most importantly, (3) they had to support the library system, in that you could checkout books from your local library.  This led me to the Sony Reader.  It was a good first start, I still have it but don’t really use it.  Then I transferred to the Barnes and Noble Nook after much cajoling from my wife.  We first had the larger version and when the Nook Simple Touch was reduced in price we traveled to our local BN and waited for the store to open like a couple of Star Wars fans before a new opening (except it was December, Maryland, and cold, so we waited in our car).


All of this is great back-story as to how I found myself last night back into my mental debate of real book vs an e-reader.


Last night I laid in my bed, wanting to do what I do every night before sleep and mostly on the crapper, read.  I open my quaint little Nook Simple Touch to find that the battery was dead.  I am a responsible electronics owner.  I keep my electronics typically fully charged; in fact I had charged the e-reader two nights before knowing that a charge usually lasts me about a month.  So I was perplexed why my Nook would be telling me that I don’t have a charge large enough to READ A BOOK!


If I had a paperback book I would’ve been reading and wouldn’t have to wait fifteen minutes for a charge large enough to turn on a piece of electronics.  Oh I know fifteen minutes, not a big deal, but when you’re tired and trying to close out the day, you don’t want anything to get in your way of some relaxing reading!  So, last night I was cursing the e-reader.