The Hunter: A Parker Novel (Parker Novels) - Richard Stark

This is the book the movie "Payback" with Mel Gibson is based off of.  Some of this book is spot on with even some of the dialog, however, where it is important to be similar is the character personality, for me.  The character portrayed in the book is hard and unforgiving, not driven by anything more than killing the guy to betrayed him on a job, not the same job in the movie.  There wasn't the want for the return of the money like in the movie but more just on the killing.  It seemed an after thought for the money by the author because he just added that quickly at the end.  In fact it was somewhat of a pain to read the last twenty pages because it seemed so haphazardly placed in the book, like the author said "oh yeah there was money involved."  Back to the character piece, in the movie Parker was somewhat caring and had a girl that he was falling back on, not so much in the book.  In the book he even beat her.  The author made references that Parker does hit women regularly.  That piece was disappointing.  There was very little to forgive or to relate to as far as the character goes in the book, not like the movie, where a person could relate a bit to the character even though he is a criminal.